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By | July 29, 2021 -Hallo pal Used, back ya again with the admin who always give the information of trending and viral on social media today, which is very important for us to know such as Video Lechon Package Viral Tiktok, which is currently being widely discussed by users of social media.

Indeed currently a social media become one of the most popular and widely used by many people, which is where social media is always used as a place to find information that are trending and popular and tentnya we don’t know.

Like viral videos Lechon Package, which currently is one of the news trending in the virtual universe, especially in foreign media, which the video is currently getting a lot of comments from netizens.

Well of course you’d beratanya wondering not about Viralnya Video Lechon Package, which is currently much sought after and questioned by warganet, what is the reason video teresebut could trending today.

Therefore to know why Video Lechon Package viral today, then check out the review below which will be discussed in detail, so you can find out about the viralnya video on this one.

The story About the Lechon Package Viral tiktok

The previous seller of food Marjoirie A Alison became one of the topics of popular dab controversial on social media, which criticized a trader known women named Maria Amy Hofilna because by reason of refusing to pay the remaining balance.

Marjorie Abasta meuntut the unpaid amount of p10,200 of clients known women order a package Lechero contains pork roast, eight side plates, and the two appear to the fruit , which aggregate all reached p19,200.

Women customers refused to pay for it, and that balance has not been paid because hana a few visitors, who had attended partarnya, and Hofilna and relatives complain because it is not satisfied with the dishes served.

The incident finally bring Hofilna bring charges in the office of the Police Mabolo against Abasta, for the next day, because it makes the cause of the alarm and sekandal around the property.

If you are intrigued with the video which is currently trending on social media, then under this admin will provide the link to find the full video of pristiwa this one.

Link Full >> CLICK HERE

If you click the link above, then you will be directed kelaman of viranya video of Lechon Package, which is currently the one with the search the most on google.

The End Of The Word

That’s the discussion about the Video Lechon Package Viral Tiktok, hopefully this information can bergua and useful for all of you, and if you want to know the information of the other popular news, then you just need to visit, so we always provide information-other interesting information.

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