Shaheen Afridi Viral Video On Twitter

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Shaheen Shah Afridi Viral Video

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Shaheen Afridi Viral Pic

A viral video saw an Indian fan thank Pakistani pioneer Shaheen Shah Afridi for not playing during a crucial Asian Cup match against India.

A short clip shared by digital creator from the neighbouring country, Rohit Bharati, shows his lighthearted banter with Afridi, who is off the pitch with a knee injury, while the green shirts face the lads in blue in their debut match of the tournament.

In one such incident, a video of an Indian fan lecture Pakistani cricketer Shaheen Afridi went viral, racking up 13.2 million views on Instagram.

Rohit Bharati, who is additionally an influencer, managed to speak to the fast-bowler and express his love for the game.

In the video below, Bharati is seen introducing herself as an Indian fan. Afridi smiled and greeted her.

“You’re not playing, it’s good to listen to that,” the influencer quips. “We were spared.”Afridi laughed aloud at the joke. Sharing the carefree moment on Instagram, Bharati captioned the post:”so happy to work out she has a sense of humor”.

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