Sedat Peker Son Video Cem Küçük

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A video has been released today about the battle between Cem Kucuk and Sadat Decker! The person within the gay sex video shared on social media is allegedly Cem Kucuk’s boss, Ihlas Holding CEO Rasim Kaan Ayto Homeopu.

No statement was made up of Rasim Kaan Aytoglu or on his behalf on this matter.

Rasim Kaan Aytoğu Twitter

After journalist Cem Kucuk used the phrase’ he’s bluffing, he has no documents ‘ about Sedat Peker, he made a bewildering move from Sedat Peker.

Sadat Peker exposed sex images of a famous name on social media after Cem Kucuk targeted him.

The images have hit the social media agenda like a bombshell.

It clothed that the name in question was the head of a media organization in Turkey and had previously been a candidate for deputy from the AKP.

After the shameless revelations of Sadat Peker, there was a reaction to the very fact that no investigation was launched.

Sedat Peker Son Video Cem Küçük

Cem Kucuk, a writer for a Turkish newspaper, said: “he was bluffing. He has no documents in his hands, ” said Sadat Peker, the leader of the criminal organization, which received video threats. In his last small article, he told about pensions and told about those that left everything and built life in the village.

The article is titled ” To feel good about yourself …”today drew attention to the road where he mentioned retirement.

Sedat Peker Son Video

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