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Lakhimpur Viral Video

Video footage Cellphone has emerged from Lakhimpur Kheri in the last 24 hours shows the SUV plowing into a group of farmers from behind and driving, as well as passenger cars out even as someone seems to be stuck under the wheels. Samyukt Kisan Morcha said video purporting 29 seconds to show the moment of impact actually shot by an eyewitness that the recording has been edited to slow it down for clarity.

“The footage was obtained by one of the supporters of the social media movement of farmers . Slowed down to show what actually happened, that also from the back of the unconscious, peaceful-protesters. No editing done,” said Kavitha Kuruganti, a leader of the SKM represent the Mahila Kisan Adhikaar Manch, which has handled the update media platforms.

After he mediates agreements between district officials and the community to grieve to send the bodies for post-mortem on Monday, Bharat leader Rakesh Tikait has urged farmers and witnesses to come forward with any evidence or videos that show the truth of what has happened, ask them to send you a video on social media.

Video 29 that became viral on social media later on the Monday night shows a jeep Thar hit a group of people walking in the countryside, some flag. An old man with a kurta and white and a green turban was thrown into the windshield of the car by the force of impact while others fall by the way. Soon after that, the SUV the second pass also.

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The Video is short again

Video 10 seconds other shorter loaded on Twitter Tuesday morning appears to show a man wearing a kurta blue jump out of the jeep the same and escape, even as a man seems to be stuck under the wheels of the vehicle.

The SKM claiming that the video proves the truth of their accusations. “Many of the witnesses who was caught on video, which also stated that the Minister’s Son Ashish Mishra indeed drive the’ Thar ‘vehicle, which then he fell and ran away, with the cover and the support provided by the police, and when firing at the demonstrators,” said the statement SKM.

Responding to a question of the journalist in the video, Tn. Mishra said he had evidence to prove that neither he nor his son was not present at the place. He said based on the video, it looks that the driver is killed after being pulled out of the car, adding that if it was his son, he will die.

Even when the social media team SKM trying to track down a recording of eye-witness and authenticate it, they say that they are hampered by the Suspension of Internet services in the area.

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