Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs – Probably one of the most recognisable. Mazda has (thus far) sold nearly 1.1 million MX-5s in 29 years, making it the biggest marketing roadster on the planet. Guinness accredited, too.

This is the fourth generation of MX-5, as well as it’s simply gotten a mid-life upgrade. By MX-5 standards, it’s really a big deal, since for the first time in ages there’s really more power.

While the MX-5 adheres to its origins, only powering its back wheels with naturally aspirated petrol engines– no four-wheel drive or turbos below– those engines are cleverer than ever, taking advantage of all the nuanced tech that originates from Mazda’s ‘Skyactiv’ engine growth.

Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs
Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs

So while they stay 1.5- as well as 2.0-litre engines, they have tweaks. The former sees its power as well as torque figures practically as before– at 130bhp and 112lb ft– but it’s the last where great deals of fascinating job has been done.

The range-topping 2.0 has actually seen power climb by 24bhp, to 182bhp, which in an auto that generally considers a bunch allows news certainly. It reduces virtually a 2nd from the 0-62mph time, currently 6.5 sec. The rev restriction has additionally climbed by 700rpm, to 7,500 rpm, so you must have a little bit a lot more enjoyable working the engine tough through its sweet six-speed handbook gearbox.

Added performance hasn’t come about from a straightforward ECU remap, however from deeply nerdy mechanical things like cutting some weight from the pistons. Hard work, when the power climb that can have been doubled by simply sticking on a turbo. We’re glad Mazda took the difficult, technical path though. The MX-5’s always attracted attention for sticking resolutely to its simple mechanical layout.

So, weight has been cut from one of the most intricate engine components to make the unit as punchy as well as effective as possible, while there’s even stop/start as well as brake regen to eke out better fuel economic situation from an automobile currently unfathomably proficient at coming close to 50mpg, also when driven with vigour.

Other tweaks for the mk4 MX-5’s update consist of the enhancement of (optional) new technology– consisting of Apple CarPlay together with energetic safety stuff, such as lane-departure caution as well as blind-spot tracking systems– along with some interior quality improvements, one of the most telling of which for those that love driving is that the guiding wheel currently prolongs for reach, along with elevation.

Quit scoffing: amongst 50:50 weight circulation, perfectly placed pedals as well as a low-slung seat, the lack of ability to pull the wheel bent on your chest was an actual problem on the MX-5, as well as fixing it can confirm as concrete an enhancement as those additional bhp.


The MX-5 stays a prototype of why pure, simple sports cars can be a lot enjoyable to drive. Its lightweight immediately makes itself recognized, the automobile guiding as well as increasing with an alacrity that ‘d be dumbed down by even more weight as well as complexity.

It’s a joy to drive, in other words, and also a fantastic advert for sticking with a great ol’ hands-on transmission, rear-wheel drive and no turbocharging. You just get in and also drive the knackers off it, not delayed by the demand to push through any kind of confusing driving modes. Bar choosing whether the stability control is on or off, a choice which requires one straightforward button press.

Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs
Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs

You can safely drive it with the baby-sitters off, also, because it’s a vehicle of fine balance and also with (still) not quite adequate power to bewilder the back axle through throttle usage alone. Unless it’s specifically damp outside, you’ll require to toss this car around a bit if you wish to release your inner Ken Block.

It’s a sweeter vehicle driven just listed below its restrictions, though. It’s not as hardcore or concentrated as something like a Toyota GT86, and also you’ll appreciate it extra when you’re efficiently streaming between corners, keeping your energy on a terrific item of roadway instead of attempting to paint black lines on it.

The 2.0-litre’s extra power is tangible– it’s certainly brisker than in the past– but it’s those extra revs you’ll really discover contrasted to the outbound MX-5. While 7,500 rpm still isn’t as excessive as sports cars of old (the Honda S2000 comes to mind), it’s still a riot to rev out second and also third equipment in this thing. The exhaust has been perked up with the MX-5’s upgrade and it sounds raspier than ever; you’re truly rewarded for hanging on up until the red line. That gear change is oh so pleasant, as well.

The less expensive 1.5-litre isn’t a bad substitute, though. It also revs to 7,500 rpm, so you’ll be obtaining comparable delights, simply at a little slower rates. The 2.0 gets even more elderly stuff as basic– a limited-slip differential and also, on greater trims, some elegant Bilstein suspension– so it’s absolutely the eager vehicle driver’s option. But if you desire a roadster for sunning on your own or a place of posing, the 1.5 does the job marvellously.

On the inside

On first appearances, the MX-5 inside is ‘as you were’, with a nicely basic design that takes mins to discover as well as seconds to appreciate. A big fat main rev counter, best pedal placement and also hands-on air con controls (as opposed to complex, on-screen stuff) will certainly make those that simply like the act of driving light beam instantly.

As well as the one thing that used to break their smile– the lack of ability to put the last cherry atop a great driving placement by pulling the wheel good as well as close– has been fixed by Mazda finally giving the MX-5 a reach-adjustable wheel. Though it still doesn’t appear specifically much, yet at the very least it’s a start.

Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs
Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs

You’ll still need to be 6 feet or shorter to totally take pleasure in being a chauffeur or traveler in below, also. Parked beside significantly stocky SUVs, the MX-5 feels particularly dinky, calling to mind when you played with different scale-model vehicles as a youngster. While there’s ample area for the majority of within, taller people should actually take one for a test drive to see to it a) they’re comfortable and also b) their forehead doesn’t work as a fleshy, sensitive wind buffer once the roof covering is down.

Past the big steering column information, indoor headings for the updated mk4 MX-5 are doors that open a little bit bigger, some reinforced cup holders as well as the addition of appropriate smart device link-up for the media screen. Though that’s a ₤ 350 alternative, albeit one that can be retro-fitted to the outbound MX-5.

Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs
Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs

However actually, nowt much required altering, and it’s still a surprisingly sensible car– the boot’s not ginormous, yet it’ll ingest holiday gear if you make use of squashy bags (rather than situations), while there’s a huge old storage space cubby in between the seats that’s deep enough to lose tiny animals in. Do not ask.

Running costs and reliability

There are two huge selections to make when getting an MX-5: 1.5- or 2.0-litre engine, and also soft-top or ‘RF’ hard-top. The last gets a three-piece folding roofing system that’s more like a targa top, so you’re far much less exposed to the elements when it’s open than the simpler, less expensive roadster.

It’s likewise a lot more intricate in operation, needing you to be driving 6mph or much less (you might as well stop) and also taking 13 seconds to digitally whirr open or closed, whereas the roadster’s procedure is totally hand-operated and can be performed in 3 secs with a quick flick of your arm. The RF also gets rather gusting inside on the move, so choose it just if you prefer the looks. Or have constantly longed for the MX-5 coupe Mazda’s never put into mass production.

Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs
Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Not making use of turbochargers suggest the MX-5’s claimed CARBON DIOXIDE numbers– between 143 and 157g/km– could not be as reduced as similarly powered cars and trucks somewhere else, but in the real life they’ll likely be even more sensible. Furthermore fuel economy: Mazda claims 44.8 mpg for the 1.5-litre and 40.9 for the 2.0-litre, and also if our own real-world experience of the initial mk4 is anything to pass, 40mpg-plus will certainly be a doddle as well as 50mpg more than possible ought to you drive with slightly lighter feet. Yep, a vehicle whose gas economic climate figures you could actually defeat.

While all MX-5s come as conventional with a pleasant, snickety guidebook gearbox, those who require an automatic can have one, though just on a 2.0-litre RF. Unless you actually have to have an automatic cars and truck, it’s no wonderful shame that it’s just available on the most costly model.

Rates begin listed below ₤ 19,000 for a base spec 1.5 roadster, with 2.0 s including ₤ 1,500 and also RFs including ₤ 1,800. The RF automated begins at ₤ 27,995.

Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs
Mazda MX-5 Reviews, Pricing and Specs

The Mazda MX-5 isn’t the globe’s best-selling roadster by accident: its recipe of straightforward mechanicals and also accessible enjoyable suggest it’s a car with affordable running costs and wide allure.

Mazda succeeds not to tinker the dish too much, so the MX-5’s latest upgrade focuses on information without interfering with the larger image. It’s still extremely fun to drive, while still falling short of being the criteria for managing precision.

However that’s instead the factor: stiffer suspension and also a bit much more rage would certainly include way too much edge to a vehicle that just wants to put a smile on your face at sensible rates. Something the MX-5 remains to perform with aplomb.

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