Mazda 3 Hatchback Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Mazda 3 Hatchback Reviews, Pricing and Specs – The Mazda 3 hatchback is a household hatch, not an SUV or a crossover or pretending to be something it’s not. Nowadays you do not most likely to the expenditure of producing a whole brand-new system from scratch without doing greater than one thing with it, though, so expect more to come from the 3’s box of little bits.

Mazda is into simplicity, though. Simply two engines are readily available: a 2.0-litre 120bhp petroleum (naturally aspirated, versus the turbo trend) as well as an unfashionable 1.8-litre diesel with a variable geometry turbo.

Replacing both outgoing 1.5 and 2.2 diesel that has 114 bhp however because of the pariah condition of diesels, will likely to only represent 5 percent of UK sales. Later on this year, Mazda’s much awaited Skyactiv-X compression ignition petrol engine will certainly make its debut in the 3. Along with it there’ll be a four-wheel-drive alternative– more evidence that Mazda is likely to develop more than a hatch making use of these supports.

Mazda 3 Hatchback
Mazda 3 Hatchback

Both promptly offered mainstream engines are Euro-6d certified, WLTP-literate and also CO2-canny, both boasting elements of the Skyactiv modern technology, including cylinder shut-off for the gas. Each can be had with either six-speed handbook or automatic– a traditional automatic- not a twin–clutch note. So not only is it ₤ 1,300 choice, but it’ll nobble you on CO2 as well as economic situation as well. Both engines have a moderate crossbreed system that runs the electrics from brake regen.

Mazda discusses having revamped the auto from the ground up, paying attention to whatever from reducing ‘aesthetic noise’ in the cabin to minimizing rubbing in the engine. Unique focus has been paid to noise, resonance and also violence, to the procedure of the switchgear, the handling speed of the infomercial, harmonising the top quality of the white light in the cabin. The stuff that doesn’t make headlines, however is very honourable. A typically Japanese technique– peaceful, surreptitious, thorough.

It’s good-looking, with overtones of Alfa Giulietta in the proportions, roofline as well as the roundels in the rear light trademark, simply without several of the Italian style. Really cool, though. Not like the over-designed new Emphasis.

Mazda 3 Hatchback
Mazda 3 Hatchback

The 3 first showed up in 2003, and also since then, 6 million have actually been marketed around the world. Yep, that surprised us, too. Over a million have actually involved Europe. The huge years were 2005-2008, however a decade later on sales had actually slid to less than half that, So new fourth generation 3 has job on its hands. Not just to recover sales, however to do so in a marketplace that’s going through a seismic change. Where is the full hybrid- let alone plug-in or electrical version? Not here today, neither coming up.

UK sales begin in May, when both engine and also transmission options will be offered in a selection of 5 trim degrees. Prices start at ₤ 20,575 as well as rise to ₤ 27,735, that upper limit will be breached when the Skyactiv X likely to have around 180bhp lands this fall, accompanied by a 200mm longer hangout version– although anticipate the last to be a specific niche vendor.


There’s not a great deal wrong with the way the Mazda 3 drives. It’s smooth, precise, kindhearted, peaceful and also improved. For a regular hatch it’s rather pleasing. Yet it’s currently a vehicle in trying to find a respectable engine.

Neither of the presently offered Skyactiv engines has much life in it, The diesel is quiet at start up and also has a commendably high 5,500 rpm redline, however barely has the power (114bhp and 199lb feet) to arrive. It’s great from 1,500-4,000 rpm, fairly lag-free, however in the UK it’s just expected to offer to five per cent of purchasers.

Still, it’s directly the pick of the pair. The 2.0-litre normally aspirated petrol is the extra unsatisfactory. There’s a little torque from 3,000-5,000 rpm (it peaks at 157lb ft at 4,000 rpm), however performance is slow, the engine drones as well as it’s not that smooth. You anticipate a Mazda to have a bit of pep and also alertness, as well as at the moment neither engine provides that.

Both, it has to be claimed, are clean and reliable thanks to their Skyactiv technologies, which for the petroleum includes a moderate hybrid system that uses brake regen to save power in a tiny battery that’s made use of to run the on-board electrical systems. I believe Mazda has done this for extremely legitimate engineering factors, however it comes across as a token motion. Where’s the actual hybrid? It does appear like various other firms have the get on Mazda now.

Mazda 3 Hatchback
Mazda 3 Hatchback

There’s other intriguing bits of tech on the 3. A torque vectoring system called GVC that’s created not to increase traction, yet to ravel cornering, particularly the changes between roll and pitch by carefully pulsing the torque en route into an edge. At the exit a brakes are brushed for a similar reason.

The reality the 3 corners smoothly and also manages roll neatly suggests it works. The moderate hybrid regen system is likewise utilized to bring the revs down swiftly in between upshifts, aiding to ravel the gearchanges. Yet it does not blip the revs on downshifts, which would perhaps offer a better objective. There’s also cylinder deactivation in the fuel.

Transmission recommendations for the floating citizen: have the manual. The shift is fantastic, glossy and satisfying. The vehicle isn’t. It’s an old school torque converter that searches for equipments, shifts up and down wrongly and is no much better in Sporting activity mode. There are paddles, however that’s not nearly enough to offset the higher gas usage (the vehicle is roughly 3-4mpg much heavier on gas as well as produces an additional 10g/km of CARBON DIOXIDE) as well as the ₤ 1,300 Mazda charges for this off-puttingly inadequate transmission.

It interferes with the 3’s or else remarkable dynamics. Mazda raves Jinba Ittai– the feeling of oneness in between auto as well as chauffeur. And the 3 is a very natural auto to drive. Provided you neglect the engines– or at least do not ask much of them– it streams gladly along. The steering has little feel, but the framework isn’t stodgy and also the ride is flexible, well damped and well insulated– even on the largest 18-inch wheels.

On the inside

It’s really conventional, mostly shunning the pattern to exchange dials and also buttons for displays. Many marques do this to clear up the layout, however here it’s tidy and easy anyhow. The home heating is easy to use, the infotainment food selection structure (run by a clickwheel on the console) is easily recognized. The switchgear is logically gathered. As well as it’s eye-catching and well built. You willbe at ease in here, able to run it on the move easily. So will your Aunt Mable.

Mazda 3 Hatchback
Mazda 3 Hatchback

The driving placement is exemplary, with a huge amount of reach change in the steering column and also while there’s inadequate underthigh tilt to bucket the seats, the backrest is quite possibly formed. It’s a comfortable auto to be in.

As long as you’re in one of both front seats. Those restricted to the back aren’t going to get off to such a bright begin. They’ll certainly bang their heads on the door surround while getting in, and also once recuperated will note there’s very little legroom as well as it’s quite dark because of the thick C-pillars and also small rear home window. Better for kids of course, yet not if they’re of the age where you have to put them right into seats on your own. That’s why household purchasers favour a crossover. Less flexing over. Neither is the boot a lot to write home regarding: high sill, only 358 litres.

The final thought ahead to right here is that the Mazda 3 is either focused on young singles/couples, or the older purchaser. The more vibrant are more likely to be delayed by the fact one of the most potent variation only has 120bhp and also has all the snap of a limp salad, suggesting for the time being it’s the more cultured the 3 is likely to attract. It is really easy to drive and also operate, besides.

Mazda 3 Hatchback
Mazda 3 Hatchback

A couple of points to make right here. Mazda has worked hard to improve the audio high quality, moving the bass speakers to a much more stiff mounting factor under the dash as well as the tweeters to the door top. There’s a Bose 12 speaker system on the options list. And the voice acknowledgment has actually been enhanced– you can currently ‘barge-in’, screaming over the voice support (outstanding) and also instead of chatting your method via a food selection system to call residence, ‘one shot command’ allows you to state everything at the same time.

One last one. Just because Volvo does something does deficient a great concept. Mazda has actually replicated the Swedes as well as migrated the keyfob switches to the side as opposed to the face. It’s not right, as well as it’s not proper. Quit it.

Owning Mazda 3 Hatchback

The conventional package checklist for the 3 is impressive. Every model has a head-up display screen, radar cruise, LED fronts lights, rested nav as well as Apple CarPlay/Android car.

Update one step from base SE-L to SE-L Lux and also for another ₤ 1,100 you include a turning around cam, keyless system as well as warmed seats. As well as the high quality of all these features is excellent. It’s not necessarily uncommon to find them on the feature list of cars and trucks in this class, however all too often the graphics are poor or the functionality restricted. Not here. There’s a sense that Mazda’s designers as well as layout teams have worked tirelessly to make sure that everything functions to the very best of its capability.

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2019
Mazda 3 Hatchback 2019

Total rates is competitive. The SE-L Mazda 3 is as well geared up as a Ford Emphasis costing ₤ 1,500 even more, as well as lease prices are likely to be competitive based on the integrity and quality of existing Mazdas. The engines need to be equally as effective as the smaller turbocharged Ecoboost electric motor Ford uses, as well. The WLTP combined economic situation figures for petrol as well as diesel are 45.6 mpg and also 56.5 mpg respectively. Anticipate around 40 as well as 50mpg in daily driving.

The question is, who will buy it? Younger customers will possibly want something with more spring in its step, more trigger and also border. Family members are mosting likely to desire even more space. Which leaves the 3 to manipulate an older demographic that desire an easier, much more quickly understood automobile.


It’s not a radical cars and truck, the brand-new Mazda 3. And also on one level that’s disappointing. We ‘d like to see Mazda pressing right into crossbreed and electrical innovation by now. This is an engineering and design led firm, and also it would certainly be good to see it leading. Instead we have a very regular hatchback with– currently– an option of just one gasoline and one diesel motor. 

Yet you obtain the feeling that Mazda cares. There’s little cynicism here, rather the details have been worked to enhance the driving and ownership experience little by little. The interior decoration and also convenience, the reduced noise breach, the flexible trip and handling. And also below that the small things have been done well – the cabin lights, the switchgear operation and more.

Things have actually been done for the ideal reasons– not to obtain headings, however to enhance lifestyle. It’s a human-centric method. And also the result is a simple, affable, undemanding car to cope with.

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