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If Your website is still new-and especially if You’re still in the planning stages-You will no doubt think about the design and how it will work to attract more visitors. You have to think about the basics such as counter-website, the home page of a powerful and an excellent navigation system too.

But You could also consider monetizing Your site in some way. There are many ways to do this and depending on the type of the focus of Your website might be just your goal, or just an additional way to make money.

For example if You sell products on Your site then monetization in some other way-such as through Google ads-will provide an additional income stream. If You only provide information and do not sell anything then You need to use methods such as Google AdSense to make money from Your site altogether.

Google AdSense is free to join and allows You to enter the enemy on your website that directly relate to the subject of Your site. It is only natural that it should get a better response and click through rate because they will be for exactly the type of product and service that Your visitors will be interested.

Program Google AdSense allows You to quite smoke and take control of how bad it looks when You insert them on Your site, which means You can improve their performance even more. Google take care to make sure the right type of ad is displayed, and it’s your job to make sure they look as good as possible.

Very important to experiment with where You place the ads, because You will find that some positions page will do much better than others when it comes to the click through rate. It can also work well to choose out of the border around the edges of Your enemy, because it helps to point them out as adverts.

Google lets you do this so it is legitimate in terms and conditions of their; it is recommended to read through do them and not however before You start to get Your Google ads are up and running.

You will also find that if Your site has a different color scheme You will be able to use this for Your enemies as well. This will help them to blend in with the good instead of the awkward, which does not do justice for them.

But You start with Your Google ads, it is important to keep an eye on how Your income do. Sometimes the smallest changes to the ad or where it can make a big difference with the amount of money they bring in, and of course the more visitors you get the more total the more your income will increase, because there will be more people to click the ad.

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