Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

By | November 13, 2020

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs – It’s a badge you have actually satisfied before, the Kia Proceed, fitted to an entirely various kind of vehicle. As opposed to taking the shape of a chopped down three-door hatch, coupe-style, the new Proceed is a ‘shooting brake’– modern shorthand for a smooth estate vehicle.

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Kia said it saw sales of coupes going down, but didn’t want to shed the Proceed’s more stylish, lifestyle-y edge from its range. So, it’s rather constructed a choice to the crowds of mini-SUV crossovers. You get five doors and also a huge boot, yet it’s involved a mini Porsche Panamera suit. On large wheels particularly– 18s are the biggest offered– it looks significant in the flesh. Intelligently detailed and also well proportioned. Do not be tricked by some of the dumpy angles in the photos– this is a( nother) really handsome Kia.

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

If you’re the smart clogs reading this with mirth and thinking ‘yet Kia currently does the Ceed Sportswagon estate’, you’re area on. Yet also its maker admits that fleet market-targeting box is hardly transforming heads and also magnetising punters. That’s why the Proceed is a purposely much less practical version of a practical vehicle. Got it?

As you would certainly expect, engine options mirror the Ceed hatchback. You can have a 1.4-litre turbo petroleum, a 1.6-litre diesel, or the 1.6-litre Proceed GT with 201bhp and cosmetic raciness. Whereas Kia’s most popular Ceeds are the mid-range Ceed 2 as well as Ceed 3, the Proceed only comes in different phases of GT-line trim, matching the styling with more assertive appearances. Devices degrees are usually high across the board.

While the Proceed is a lot more sensible than you could expect, it’s larger than a regular Ceed as well as not the stylish, driver-pleasing option Kia may have you believe. Yet it’s qualified, and many likeable in 201bhp Proceed GT kind, which comes as conventional with a seven-speed automatic gearbox. Paddleshifters ahoy.

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

There’s no crossbreed variation– yet– Kia says it will certainly present 48-volt mild-hybrid tech to the Ceed line-up throughout its life process. Prices begin at ₤ 23,835 for a 138bhp fuel GT-line, and peak not with the go-faster GT, however the totally kitted-out GT S with the minimal 1.4-litre engine, at ₤ 28,685.

Driving Kia Proceed Review

Of the 3 powertrain choices, two of the Proceed’s options are fine yet average. The 1.4-litre turbo gas with 138bhp works quietly until it’s called upon to deliver greater than middling efficiency, whereupon you’re welcomed with a thrashy drone from under the bonnet and also very little in the way of speed. It’ll do the job, yet it never ever feels as torquey as say, VW’s 1.5-litre turbo with 148-bhp, which you can find in the Golf Estate.

The 1.6-litre diesel generate 134bhp and also as little as 110g/km, slotting it 2 tax obligation bands less than the gas– if you opt for the seven-speed DCT auto. The manual’s 111g/km overall indicates it’s one band up.

It’s quite run of the mill for a diesel– doesn’t care for being worn yet there an useful slug of torque underfoot which perhaps matches the Proceed much better than the gasoline as it comes in handy for moving whatever’s filling that big ol’ boot. Certain, there’s a nose-heavy handling fine to be paid, however the standard Proceed isn’t trying to be an amusing car in the corners, so that’s all right. All that being stated, diesel’s slump means we wouldn’t be stunned to see the CRDi languish lower than the 1.4-litre gas in sales.

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

So, onto the fascinating Proceed to drive. It is the GT, complete with a 201bhp, 195lb feet 1.6-litre tubo engine. It drives front wheels only via the DCT transmission, allowing 0-62mph in a modest 7.2 sec. Prod the Sport switch as well as you get a burbly exhaust note and larger steering, though the guiding is really pleasingly communicative, so far as modern-day mainstream cars and truck guiding goes. You get a respectable photo of just how much grip is left from the basic Michelin Pilot Sporting activity 4s, which is typically ‘plenty’ because claimed tyres are especially grippy. Traction is solid without any wheelspin to handle, however the gearbox isn’t the crispest DCT available. Aggravatingly, the transmission auto-upshifts as the redline comes close to no matter what you do with the paddles, which eliminates you from the action.

The Proceed GT is 52kg heavier than the Ceed GT, on account of its longer swoopy body, and also with only 201bhp on tap, you observe the even more lethargic acceleration if you have actually tipped from the hatchback twin. It’s a vigorous automobile, however not a true hot hatch, and also for ₤ 28,135, there are competitors from Hyundai and Renault which are much better at being daily sports cars.

On the freeway the GTs produce even more tyre roar than their more humble stablemates, and all Proceeds suffer for wind sound around the mirrors if we’re being nitpicky. Turn up the radio as well as you’ll tune that out, we ‘d bet. Ride convenience is ensured, as well as though the body control can feel a bit floaty if you’re truly continuing, back at the Proceed’s 6/10ths comfort area it’s a comfortable daily car– maybe targeted at an older customer alienated by ever before more hardcore warm hatches.

On The Inside Kia Proceed Review

Let’s begin at the front, where it’s familiar and also a bit plain, and work in reverse to where points obtain smart.

The 8.0 inch touchscreen is a doddle to browse as well as placed wonderful as well as soaring, in your eyeline. The tools are clear. Pity the extra screen in between the clockfaces is tiny, like you’re seeing an Audi Virtual Cockpit via the incorrect end of a telescope.

We such as the basic air of simplicity– of rationally laid out knobs and buttons for warmed this and cooled down that– yet the layout is less 2019 iPhone and also more 1980s Sony hi-fi pile. And the products are solid, but nothing special. You’ve not seen this much silver plastic doing a bad impact of combed aluminium considering that you had that cooking area playset with all the plaything cutlery when you were five years old.

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

The seats are excellent: encouraging as well as comfy, though not quite set low sufficient in the automobile. Red sewing loops throughout every surface with happy abandon– there’s few other sporty touches to get lathered up about.

Yes, you sacrifice some headroom. Adults will be great in the back if slouching, yet you wouldn’t choose a Proceed GT for an expanding wedding event cars and truck company. It’s a practical sacrifice though– the Proceed is targeted at trendy way of living enthusiasts that rarely lug youngsters because they’re still enjoying costs all their disposable coin on mtb as well as camping gear and also flatscreen TVs. Which will certainly be right at home in the big boot.

The tailgate opens (without electrical help, it’s a light-weight as well as much faster work as a result) to disclose a boot only four pesky litres short of a full 600l. That’s very little smaller sized than ‘proper’ estates from the likes of VW and also Ford. Turn the rear seats down, as well as when laid nearly flat, there’s 1,465 litres to wander around in. You can have travel luggage splitting guards, lashing points, and also there’s a cellar’s well worth of underfloor stowage to explore. Hill bikers, potted plant enthusiasts and pet burial ground proprietors will find little to mistake.

The caution of having such a hot rump is the letterbox back window. Video cameras and sensing units aid when car parking, however are useless at all when you get on a dark, wet freeway and also require to triple-check that middle-lane hogger isn’t hiding in an unseen area.

Owning Kia Proceed Review

A 7 year guarantee. That’s the little bit you intended to listen to, isn’t it? Yep, the Proceed takes pleasure in Kia’s class-leading item of mind. And also as usual, that’s just the begin of a quite convenient Kia ownership recommendation.

Because also the base trim is GT-line, there’s great deals of equipment as standard. Alloy wheels, an eight-inch touchscreen with smart device mirroring, LED running lights, automated lights with high-beam assist, lane maintain assist, warmed pole positions and also a heated guiding wheel– they’re all existing. The GT-line S includes warmed rear seats, wireless mobile phone billing, a JBL hi-fi, lane-keep assist with radar cruise control and also full LED fronts lights.

There’s very little in the means of optional extras too– you pick your trimline as well as besides paint and vehicle driver aids, there’s no fiddly bonus to learn. Kia does this to minimize develop times at the manufacturing facility, as well as pass price savings onto the buyer. It means there’s not much fun to be carried the web site configurator, but in an age when cars and trucks are very complex to spec right– as well as can be spoiled with a rude tick of a box– the Proceed variety’s simpleness is revitalizing.

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

Kia Proceed Reviews, Pricing and Specs

We averaged reduced 30s to the gallon in the Proceed GT, as well as reduced 40s in the Proceed CRDi diesel. The 48-volt crossbreed versions mooted to join the array at a later day will certainly drop exhausts a little, however not as long as a tax-dodging plug-in crossbreed.

Verdict Kia Proceed

Is a sleeker estate the brand-new must-have specific niche? Kia believes so …
The Proceed takes a little getting your head around, due to the fact that it’s not sportier than the Ceed, regardless of looking reduced and also sleeker. Yet neither is it considerably not practical, in spite of being an estate cars and truck that’s even more concerning design than trips to Ikea. Sorry that seems convoluted– such is life when cars with old names think brand-new functions and chase narrow particular niches.

Essentially, the Proceed is still a great and also recommendable cars and truck, since Kia’s guarantee as well as equipment-heavy trim degrees produce a promising possession experience.

It’s not a standout entertainer to drive– also in 201bhp GT type– yet it’s qualified and also comfortable enough, and its looks are truly jailing. It will not be a quantity vendor for Kia, but the ones it does shift will make for fascinating head-turners amongst the crossover SUV despair.

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