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By | October 15, 2021 -The ministry of Health has started to implement the declaration of the flu-19 from countries where adults are vaccinated sudanese. This is a set of system vaccine Covid-19 South Africa was officially launched by the Minister of Health, Dr. Joe Phaahla, on Friday, October 9, 2021.

The system allows the user to create a QR code for the status inokul-19 from the same person and the number of adults who were not vaccinated. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on September certificates vaccine based on the evidence that people vaccinated against the virus Covid-19.

The system of the way Digital is used to get the status of vaccination to facilitate travel, access to the company, for example, and to other activities.

The president said the government’s approach is to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization and that it was important that the international and International Health Organizations in the world trust the dangers it can prevent the rejection of international travel very kind of and to our country.

Phaahla is a journalist week in the Bahamas that works for travel and tourism, sports and music entertainment, stores offer discounts and gift cards to those who are vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the Minister said that there will be more improvements in future months with the certification of its safety and security.

The department is currently investigating a number of questions that were asked were made by local residents.

  1. Why 19 – year-old flu vaccination affect the date of the measles?

A certificate of vaccination Bovid-19 is available from 8 November 2021, including the date of quartz. Just say she was sent to selma to guarantee that the end date.

  1. Why is there a new version of the certificate of vaccination flu-19?

Additional features such as QR codes and digital (cryptographic) also published literally. The ministry of Health has advised to give the new version a certificate of vaccination Covid-19.

  1. Anytime a certificate of vaccination flu 19 new Version is available?

The first version of the certification Ovid-19 vaccination was released at the end of October 2021. Kopid-19 pandemic is scheduled to start with the mobile app until the end of November 2021.

  1. The site of vaccination codvid-19 from the certificate of the earth memes the ID in the passport number. Whether pasaspor aliens, asylum-liquid and refugees nomadic followed?

This is a large number of document IDS that are used in the vaccination Data of the Electronic System (EVDS) portal and the site of vaccination.

  1. What will I do to do if I got the vaccination sending SMS?

These are listed in the list of common telephone of Ovid-19 on 0800 02999. The agents are able to give them the vaccination at the time of sending SMS with the code that is required.

  1. I have a flu vaccination is 19 years old. Why did this happen?

There are three reasons why it may be:

  • SMS t-mobile network problems across the country.
  • Young children were killed in EVDS.
  • Device vaccination is believed to be related to vaccination. Name-the name of the victim given to the telephone service to covid-19 on 0800 02999. It is also possible to confirm the device vaccination for EVDS, which is detrimental to the site where the vaccination to protect their cats in the system.
  1. Can continue to offer a certificate of vaccination flu-19 for international travel?

The department of foreign Affairs certification digital should receive. However,it is the subject of state policy, requirements verification. It is believed that the certification is carried out in accordance with the appropriate circumstances of the incident. The ID number of the RSA printed in the grasslands of South Africa are used to verify the ID number.

  1. The personal Data have been sullied by a certificate of vaccination flu-19

This is a responsibility that at least one person on Your behalf is to provide any information that is provided with the correct and mendoza to vaccination. Information that has been thawed and it is believed that they are on the site of vaccination in which the vaccine is run.

It is reported that witnesses public Covid-19 on 0800 999 in which a man, who has yet to give details of the incident, send the email with the details to be revised. one of the agents is similar to You.

  1. QR code for flu vaccination-19 has been polluted

The contents of the QR code is the first version of the certificate of vaccination flu-19. Travel authority and the other party agrees to provide the validation and authenticity of a certificate of vaccination COVID-19 as they provide a QR code for a certificate of their certification.

  1. What is that Jansen and Comirnaty?

The name of the vaccine and the plant is published under a certificate of vaccination flu-19. Johnson and Johnson is the maker of the vaccine janssen, and Pfizer is the maker of the vaccine Comirnaty.

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