Delta Variant Symptoms Philippines

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Symptoms of the Delta Variant Covid

Delta Variant Symptoms Philippines

An old woman of 58-year-old tested positive for the variant of the Delta or B. 1. 617 or coronavirus that was first detected in India has died, he named Maria Rosario Vergeire

This incident is the second death, the times recorded in the Philippines, because it has transmitted coronary latest variant.

There are currently two people who died because of the difference in the Delta, the first of which is a trigger of Athens MV, In a new Batch of already detected the Delta Variant. and there was one old woman who died aged 58 know.

Initially he has no symptoms in the five days before he chose to medical consultation, when he was about to rushed to ruangtan Emergency Room, it turns out that the case has become severe and he died at the same time.

Vergeire said that he what is correct-has in vaccination against Covid-19 or not. And they will inform back after getting such information about the health of the patient.

And Man Hipert the age of 63 years, which is known to one of the sailors from the Bridge of Athens is the first recorded death in philippines due to the difference of the Delta.

On Friday, has been informed of health has reported 16 cases are different, and 11 are considered as cases of local.

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