2020 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Reviews, Pricing and Specs

By | November 10, 2020

2020 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Reviews, Pricing and Specs – People providers aren’t extremely stylish. On the other hand Mercedes, greater than most, should have the ability to make a good fist of their layout. It’s all about roomy, comfy, passenger-first traveling.


So right here’s another generation of B-Class. The very first two have silently done good company– 1.5 million of the important things have actually been marketed because 2005. It’s just that no-one seems to have observed, which claims a lot.

Individuals pay high rates for their B-Classes as well as want high-end equipment. So it can be had with any type of quantity of the elegant cabin and also driver-assist modern technology that obtains headings in the sis A-Class.

Although it’s spacious, the B-Class isn’t extremely versatile. The rear seat is just an easy bench with a split-fold back-rest.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Off trend though they might be minivans don’t have to look like an egg. Rather the B-Class has the silhouette of an upwardly stretched hatchback, with a precise bonnet and also slim sharp headlights.

The B200d as well as B220d have Mercedes’s outstanding OM654 2.0-litre diesel, and this is the very first time we have actually tried it in a transverse setup, though it is coming on stream in the A-Class at the same time. It comes as basic with a new eight-speed twin-clutch transmission.

Various other engines, in the B180d (1.5-litre diesel) as well as B180/B200 (1.33-litre gasoline) we understand from the A-Class, where they are a bit of a drudge to drive. Well clean though. They obtain a seven-speed twin-clutch. The suspension as well as system are A-Class too.


If more automobile producers fitted engines like the one in the B220d, diesel propulsion would not be a pariah. It’s certified in genuine driving tests to satisfy poisonous emissions standards that do not even enter pressure up until 2020. It’s also low on CARBON DIOXIDE, which is why Mercedes remains to believe in the gas.

From behind the wheel, it’s very smooth and peaceful– at least for an engine without spark plugs. The smooth and quick-witted eight-speed transmission assists a lot.

The B200d is basically the exact same, other than that it’s slow. Reduce enough to dismiss a great deal of overtakes. And the 200 fuel is, when you ask it to provide its all, thrashy and unwilling.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

The suspension is well-judged for the task. Bring people. It’s absorbent in the area as well as peaceful and silent over bumpy roadways at nation speed, Mind you there is more wind noise than the low Cd would certainly lead you to wish.

Guests will be glad (unless they’re late for something) that the chauffeur is offered no reward in any way to press on when the road’s twisty. There’s numb understeer as well as float to emulate. That said, it’s totally foreseeable as well as reassuring, We were driving the AMG Line one which has a multi-link back suspension. The low-power base versions have a torsion light beam, which indicates a small loss of precision and also refinement.

The B-Class’s active-safety aids are the very best in course, however that’s a little bit useless due to the fact that the course is so underpopulated these days. But get the Driving Aid pack and also you’ve got one of one of the most helpful– or interfering– cars and trucks anywhere.

The cruise ship system doesn’t only hold you in lane and maintain terminal behind the vehicle ahead, but if there’s no-one ahead it will certainly still slow down for upcoming roundabouts and bends, and also speed up afterward. Its blind-spot system now spots bicyclists.

The standard crash prevention system is innovative in theory. But its calibration is one of the most anxious we have actually ever before used (except in the A-Class). It frequently pulls at your trajectory, and even brakes, when you’re just driving along a curving road and it sees approaching traffic you know to be safe.

On the inside

You rest taller than in a hatch– 90mm over the A-Class elevation– and also the placement is a bit upright and perched. It’s never unpleasant but it is an additional thing deteriorating your interest for piling on the g-loads.

Most likely the only various other Mercedes where rear-seat travelers are so prominent in the purchase is the Maybach. The B-Class is for individuals that don’t desire a large car yet do have a high family. Grandchildren maybe. There’s tons of rear legroom and foot space under the high-set front seats.

However if you’re aiming to take the weird uncomfortable load, it’s not that valuable. In Germany you can buy a completely split 60:40 bench where each section can slide forward and back, and also the backrests recline an additional few levels. Over right here you can’t. It’s a normal hatchback-style bench.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Anyway, despite the split-sliding back seat, the B-Class would not compare the Renault Scenic’s versatility for packaging in all dimensions and sort of people and also stuff.

Swings and roundabouts. No other individuals service provider can obtain within a mile of the B-Class’s plush cabin quality and also oooooh-smart gadgets.

Every variation obtains two high-res seven-inch displays with linked navigation. That additionally includes Mercedes cloud-based voice activation. It’s meant to comprehend natural language, and learn your behaviour, recommending navigation locations or radio stations according to your normal practices. It doesn’t function very well for us at Leading Equipment, yet after that we don’t have routine behaviors. We exchange cars among test drivers, and also anyhow it’s our work to try to fool and dismayed automobiles so we figure out just how they cope.

Larger screens with even more design selections feature the upper specifications. But they can be distracting. Even if you decide on a design, it’s as well simple to clean one of the touchpads and also inadvertently change the entire screen.


The sticker price is daunting. Simply take a look at Renault Scenic rates, and after that note the B-Class opens at about ₤ 27,000 for the gas 180 Sporting activity with vehicle.

But it’s a Mercedes, so you probably will not be considering Renaults as well as will certainly rather note it’s around ₤ 1500 more than the comparable A-Class. (Precise prices weren’t released when we composed this testimonial.) That makes it concerning ₤ 33k for the B220d with the new transmission. We would certainly skip the AMG line trim: looters ‘n’ hoops on a minivan is overdoing it.

Two 7-inch displays with linked navigating as well as ‘digital aide’ voice activation are common. So are LED headlamps as well as environment control.

Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Mercedes-Benz B-ClassMercedes-Benz

Spec after that comes primarily in packs called Executive, Costs as well as Premium And also which are primarily trim levels, together adding bigger displays, seat upgrades, sunroof and so forth. All can be separately optioned with more driver-assist, and also mobile phone integration with a wireless fee pad.

AMG line is the aesthetic upgrades, larger wheels and decreased suspension. It too can have the exact same trim packages.

The engines’ exhausts are tidy, yet usage as well as CO2 across the variety is great as opposed to wonderful.

Similar to all Mercedes, you get 3 years’ unrestricted mileage service warranty plus three decades’ corrosion service warranty and also 30 years (yes 30) pan-European break down rescue.


It’s really simply a tall hatch. If you need that, go ahead. However it’s not really functional; not a true MPV.

Beyond that, all the common tiny Mercedes features apply. Performance is very limited until you climb rather some means up the series of engines, and also the handling is plain.

But it’s secure, comfy and also feels like a top quality thing. And also you pay for that. An appropriate Mercedes.

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