2012 Kia Sportage SX AWD Used Reviews

By | December 2, 2020

2012 Kia Sportage SX AWD Used Reviews – With this 40,000-mile examination finally reaching completion, our advancing mileage in turbocharged Kia Sportage SX crossovers climbed to virtually 60,000 miles. (This includes an abbreviated job in a similar 2011 design that fulfilled an unfortunate demise in snowy Northern Michigan.) So we’re completely acquainted with the crossover, as well as in spite of some tiring everyday problems, the Sportage stands as strong proof of the Korean maker’s improvement right into a strong full-line car manufacturer.

2010 - 2016 Kia Sportage Used Reviews

2010 – 2016 Kia Sportage Used Reviews

Boosted for Your Satisfaction

With sharp designing, piles of standard equipment, and sensible product packaging, the 260-hp Sportage SX impressed us promptly on our first test in 2011. That report disclosed it to be one of the quickest Kias on the market, too, with the ability of getting to 60 miles per hour in 6.1 secs.

Our initial SX long-termer did the act in 6.4, but this 2012 version needed 7.5 seconds to hit the mark, a disparity neither we neither Kia can get to the bottom of. That figure went down to 7.4 seconds as the 2.0-liter turbo four chilled out throughout our test, with the quarter-mile run additionally improving. Quiting ability from 70 miles per hour (191 feet) and lateral grip (0.77 g) at the 40,000 mark were mediocre for the class.

Whatever the track sheets stated, the Sportage rarely left us desiring for more power in the real life. With a visual weight of 3666 pounds and also 269 lb-ft of torque at just 1850 rpm, the SX really felt energetic, as well as it sliced via web traffic and also hurried around poky back-road tourists easily. “The Kia’s turbo engine is a container of Red Bull compared to the juice-box offerings of many various other crossovers,” noted technological editor Eric Tingwall.

Yet a number of vehicle drivers complained of the turbo-charger’s digital-feeling, on-off nature. Some pilots-preferred to leave the Kia in its Active-Eco setting, which softened the power delivery at the cost of maximum thrust. Others took issue with the engine’s rugged sound and also the transmission’s dithering over ratio choice under hefty throttle.

Although our observed fuel economy of 23 mpg-was lower than one could expect from a compact-crossover, it’s not out of line for 1 powered by a turbo 4 making 260 horsepower. Integrated with the Kia’s little 14.5-gallon tank, cruising array balanced 350 miles on long trips. At least the regular rest stop afforded drivers a break from the short, slim, unsupportive front seats. (From our recent experience with the new Spirit, Kia is enhancing the quality of its chauffeur and traveler thrones.).

Other Relocating Parts.

Comparable to the power shipment, the SX’s standard sport suspension was regarded overly aggressive for a family hauler. Some vehicle drivers saw it as an appropriate compromise for boosted body control compared with lower versions, yet the dampers came to be much less efficient over irregular surface areas as the miles collected.

The electrically enhanced power guiding was scolded for its dartiness and absence of feel, providing an active feeling at freeway rates that required constant adjustments. (This continues to be a powerlessness for the majority of Korean vehicles; Kia’s tactic of providing driver-adjustable guiding in its most recent designs just adjustments weight and does nothing for feel.).

Traction from the SX’s conventional all-wheel-drive system was never ever a problem, and our long-termer fearlessly took on an extended stay in the hills of Montana. Michelin Latitude X-ice Xi2 winter season tires ($ 162 each) substantially aided the Sportage manage that state’s rugged surface in addition to its prodigious amounts of snow. The Sportage’s roomy back seat as well as wide-opening rear doors made it prominent for family members trips, although its 26 cubic feet of freight area are on the little side even by compact crossover criteria.

A Thing for Oil.

Although integrity was never a trouble– and also anyhow, the Sportage, like all Kias, carries exceptional service warranty coverage– the SX’s turbocharged mill did need regular oil adjustments and solutions, at the very least by today’s standards. The first set up appointment was at 3000 miles, with normal gos to required every 5000 after that.

Our nine arranged journeys to the supplier, nevertheless, amounted to $405, with the most pricey running $84 for an inspection, tire turning, and also new cabin air filter. Compared to our long-term Mercedes-Benz GL450 and its $200-plus oil changes, the Sportage SX was really kind to our pocketbooks.

2010 - 2016 Kia Sportage Used Reviews

2010 – 2016 Kia Sportage Used Reviews

Other remarkable expenses consisted of $33 for brand-new front and back wipers; $196 to change a right-front tire that became blocked with roadway tar; as well as $457 to repair the right-rear quarter-panel harmed by an anonymous chauffeur in a car park.

Upward Trajectory.

With competitors such as the latest Ford Getaway coming close to $40,000 with alternatives, our loaded, state-of-the-art $32,515 Sportage SX is an extremely acceptable as well as sensible hauler for the money– as well as it’s an unlike the dowdy previous-gen design.

Although a scheme of dark, affordable interior plastics, along with the lackluster front seats, made the Kia’s cabin really feel less coddling than those in several of its rivals, the ergonomics were simple and a revitalizing break from some computer-heavy facility stacks. Some drivers did long for a much more user-friendly user interface and also navigating system on long trips, although others had no agitations also after several hundred miles behind-wheel.

At the 40k mark, our long-termer began to feel a bit old-fashioned when faced with Kia’s constant– and also fast– renovation of its other core models. The compact-crossover collection the Sportage plays in has actually been obtaining harder as well– a non-turbo EX model finished in the reduced quadrant in a current six-ute comparison examination (with demerits for an unrefined engine and also little cargo hold). However, our long-lasting turbocharged Sportage SX was a regularly reliable and also flexible companion during its remain. We’ll allow Tingwall have latest thing: “I can consider more than one American brand that would be proud to offer this Sportage.”.

With less than 8000 miles to enter its 40,000-mile test, the checkered flag is in sight for our lasting 2012 Kia Sportage SX. And also with it securely back in Michigan after an extended stay in Montana late in 2014, we have actually stowed away the Michelin Latitude X-ice Xi2 snow rubber in the wardrobe, fitted the typical all-season Hankooks, as well as placed the pedal down for our last job.

Busy Body.

Although our Kia Sportage had just a smidge over 20 grand on its clock when it returned from Big Sky Nation last November, the turbocharged ute has actually stayed busy racking up miles over two trips to the East Coastline as well as back, as well as numerous jaunts throughout the Midwest. Gas economic climate has held firm at a middling 23 mpg generally; two oil modifications and a set up 30,000-mile check-up have included $183 to our service-tally. New -windshield-wiper blades set us back an additional $33.

Numerous chauffeurs still applaud the Sportage’s functionality, general simplicity of use, and also relative sportiness, but others have noted traits that are becoming irritabilities. Consisted of in the current grievances are a lack of front-seat convenience as well as assistance on long hauls, in addition to bad sightlines that are interfered with by the design’s thick columns as well as smallish back window. The electrically enhanced guiding has been chided for its dartiness just off-center– something we’ve seen with various other Kia cars, including the most up to date Strength car– along with its basic lack of road feel. The SX’s typical sporting activity suspension has actually always gotten on the firm side, yet the supports now feel completely barged in as well as somewhat much less absorptive over sidewalk seams as well as Michigan’s pockmarked tarmac.

Hammer Down.

Regardless of these issues, the trendy Sportage continues to be an agreeable, relaxed, as well as functional buddy in everyday usage. Upcoming spring voyages should complete the examination in quick order, the Kia’s 55 cubic feet of storage (with the rear seats folded up) a boon for trip with family and also getaway gear. Watch this room for results on just how our little SUV crossed the goal.

Months in Fleet: 7 months.

Present Gas mileage: 18,215 miles.

Ordinary Fuel Economic situation: 23 mpg.

Average Array: 352 miles.

Solution: $142.

Typical Put on: $0.

Repair: $196.

Damages as well as Devastation: $457.

Kia agonistes? Sportage redux? Proceed as well as utilize all the five-dollar words you want. Reality is, this is our second round of experiences in a sharply wrinkled as well as visually bring Sportage SX, our very first instance having actually experienced fatal injuries amid an Upper Peninsula snowstorm. That occurred right after among the less talented amongst us said, “Enjoy this.” You need to understand that he was fired. Gone. Background. Outta right here.

As well as, so, our red substitute is once again an SX, with an as-tested sticker label of $32,515 as well as the same $2000 Costs as well as $1000 Nav loads. Rear-seat passengers– at the very least one Montana couple– said of the breathtaking dual-pane skylights, “Huge sky? We got your Large Sky right here, buddy.”.

2010 - 2016 Kia Sportage Used Reviews

2010 – 2016 Kia Sportage Used Reviews

The Kia Sportage’s force-fed 2.0-liter four provides a charitable 260 hp at 6000 rpm and quickly commands this SUV’s 3666-pound mass. There exists enough power to come on virtually all two-lane circumstances– including Highway 93’s 7000-foot transformation from Montana into Idaho– and also flat-land accelerative drive is likewise trustworthy: 60 mph shows up in 7.5 seconds. (Strangely, our previous 2011 SX executed that job in an excellent 6.4 secs.

We can not discuss the difference.) However, the thrust is a type of 2-step fandango. From-step-off, the engine is a Labrador puppy approximately 3000 rpm. After that it turns into Cujo. “There’s no real intermediate velocity,” kept in mind Erik Johnson, executive online editor. “You’re either out of the boost as well as including mph gradually, or you’re spooled up and also soaring away. It can make smooth-driving and passing maneuvers challenging.”.

Those that have actually experienced our Sportage have had plenty to claim about the trip, too. Shod with 235/55 18-inch Hankook-Optimos and also riding on springs as well as dampers apparently-tuned for California’s pimple-free by-ways, the SX’s ride is level and certain but likewise, uh, firm. The descriptor “uneasy” has actually been in hefty turning. If both front wheels-simultaneously catch, say, a Michigan frost heave, anticipate to bid farewell to regarding a third of your Starbucks latte. Former online editor David Gluckman defined the flight as “crossover incongruent.”.

The benefit, naturally, is marginal body roll. On virgin sidewalk, the Sportage SX stands up to being disturbed. It supplies a fantastic feeling of straight-ahead– its certain monitoring was a benefit during the 4000-mile highway slogs to as well as from Montana. Right after turn-in, the Sportage takes a foreseeable set that needs few improvements completely to exit. For an SUV, steering is quick, light, and exact, telegraphing enough information, notably in the rainfall. Incorporate that with all-day-comfortable seats– the aft chairs, too– and it was two times possible to log 1000-mile days, at the very least when we were west of the Mighty Miss

. Mentioning location, this Sportage– since its update at 6474 miles– has been busy. It ripped off a three-day journey to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to tour 12 of the breweries that take in a lot of the Yoopers’ waking hours. The automobile’s “Active Eco” was engaged for the totality of that 1500-mile expedition, returning an average of 25 to 27 mpg. “But it also served to plain the throttle input and reduce the shifts for the comfort of my passengers,” kept in mind Gluckman. “It functioned, and I assume I’ll drive the important things this way from now on.” A take on man.

Directly from our mid-September 10Best competitors, your modest Montana workdesk editor piloted the Sportage to his residence at the J&J Pet Cat Ranch in the Bitterroot Mountains. From that locus, various mud-enhanced fly-fishing as well as logging-road expeditions were introduced, although no course showed more daunting than his very own rocky 1.7-mile driveway, with its steep slopes and off-camber switchbacks all lined with 50-gallon barrels-filled with emergency situation gravel, salt, excavating tools, as well as (we picture) low-cost bourbon. “Essentially, whatever’s in 4WD lock every time I bring the mail,” he noted. “Our very first snowfall– five inches– reduced the Sportage hardly, yet that was because I when needed to support for a bull elk we’ve named Rumbling Thighs.”.

Ergonomic problems have until now concentrated on small problems. Initially, the 4WD lock switch gets on the far side of the shifter, constantly concealed from the chauffeur’s view. Second, the chauffeur’s seat pillow is cooled down however the traveler’s is not. Third, like the original Cadillac-SRX, the rocker panel juts thus far out– or maybe it’s the driver’s seat that is placed up until now inboard– that the Sportage’s lower bodywork scrubs versus your calf on leave, wiping a festival of dirt on those cow-boy-cut Levi’s.

Fourth, the Kia Sportage’s beltline is as high as a doddering senator’s, and its back hatch has been prolonged up and down to add visual bulk. The dissatisfied outcome is too little glass as well as inadequate visibility, specifically astern. The rearview cam helps, but just when snow or mud hasn’t blinded it into hallucinogenic setting. And also, 5th, the gas storage tank holds but 15.3 gallons. Anyone that has up until now risked shed 14 of those gallons was sweating bullets in the long minutes prior to a gas station impended.

In its first 18,215 miles, the Kia Sportage has actually supplied an observed 23 mpg, Energetic Eco be damned. That’s rather miserable for a four-cylinder engine, and it’s not far from the SX’s 21-mpg EPA city rating. Today, we’re blaming the turbo as well as our dithering driving.

During its life with us, the Kia Sportage has appreciated four oil changes ($ 141). It twice endured tire damages– when for a round of tar completely wedged in the right-front walk ($ 196), once for a nail leak (taken care of absolutely free). And in late October we mounted a set of Michelin Latitude X-ice Xi2 snows, dimension 235/55 -18 ($ 162 apiece and also $112 for setup). “Ooh, that’s some righteous-rubber,” gushed our tire guy in Hamilton, Montana, swearing he ‘d never in the past seen a set.

Just as expensive was a relatively superficial parking-lot injury that a confidential nitwit brought upon on the right-rear quarter-panel. Repairs amounted to $457.

To date, the Sportage is rattle- and also malady-free, with a system that feels up to the rigors of vigorous hill motoring and careful lowland off-roading. This is a macho-looking-SUV with a suspension to match. It is a crossover that motivates being rushed, therefore mainly overcoming the issues about its flight, its fractional power delivery, and its drinking issue. On top of that, it’s a comfy long-distance cruiser.

Memo from Montana: “If you men wan na leave this thing with me as well as Thunder Thighs for an additional two months– maybe four– we ‘d be fine with that said.”.


When we last signed in on our lasting 2011 Kia Sportage SX, it was nearing the halfway point of its 40,000-mile remain with us as well as preparing to do battle with a Michigan winter season. It did not win the fight, so this is not that automobile.

This virtually the same all-wheel-drive Sportage SX is a 2012 model. It came into our short-term property this springtime after the 2011 crossover satisfied an untimely death on a snowy roadside in Michigan’s fantastic white north– a brutal atmosphere in the middle of winter, where black, snow-covered ice and tree-lined passages can mean specific doom for a neglectful chauffeur as well as his horse. So our 40,000-mile test starts over again.

Other than various paint (our 2011’s Techno Orange hue was stopped for 2012), this brand-new Sportage is essentially the like the last. SX base prices climbed by $1210 for 2012–$ 29,200 to the 2011’s $27,990– however the overall devices is similar, as is our as-tested cost. Our new Sportage is outfitted with the $2000 Costs bundle (heated front chairs with ventilation for the vehicle driver, an auto-dimming mirror, a panoramic sunroof, heated outside mirrors, and a cargo cover) and the $1000 Navigating package, that includes an updated audio system.

A collection of all-weather floor mats ($ 115), a freight mat ($ 75), a cargo internet ($ 50), and also a freight tray ($ 75) bring the overall to $32,515. The 1 powertrain-related change is the addition of an “active eco” button; when pressed, it reduces-throttle sensitivity, readjusts the change timetable, and also tinkers A/C procedure– all in the name of improved fuel economic climate.

Much less Motivated.

In spite of being powered by the very same 260-hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four and also utilizing the exact same six-speed automated, our Sportage 2.0 was however less outstanding at the test track than our surprisingly fleet initial. The 2012 design was greater than a second slower to 60 mph (7.5 secs VS the 2011’s 6.4) & covered the quarter-mile in 15.8 secs at 88 miles per hour– the 2011 needed 14.9 seconds as well as got to 95 mph.

The reduced gusto is less obvious from behind the wheel, as the Sportage still has adequate power for fast highway merges and also two-lane passing maneuvers. However the distinction has us asking yourself if the first lorry was a well-endowed fanatic. (We had energetic eco handicapped throughout our screening of the 2012.) Dim-witted transmission shows that makes the gearbox periodically stumble between equipments has been the only considerable powertrain grievance.

With similar aesthetic weights (3666 extra pounds to the 2011’s 3657) as well as the very same Hankook-Optimo H426 all-season rubber, the Sportage feels regarding the same as before when cornering. Kia has made some-tweaks to the suspension for 2012’s, principal amongst them the fitment of brand-new rear dampers; they do not seem to have appreciably transformed our perceptions.

The SX’s suspension-is stiffer than on other versions, as well as it well takes care of body roll however likewise noticeably reduces trip quality, which was the case on our last example. The electric power guiding can be referred to as fairly quick, light of initiative, and tight-lipped with comments. Lateral grasp around the skidpad is 0.80 g, and also stopping prowess from 70 mph to 0 is a mediocre 187 feet.

Below We Go Again.

Our 2012 Kia Sportage has another 1000 miles to go before we can report on its initial service at 7500. No flaws or ailments have actually emerged, and also our pocketbooks continued to be happily shut.

Driving time has been mainly limited to commuting in the better Detroit location, plus a couple of trips to north Michigan and one to Ohio. We’re presently balancing 22 mpg, which is closer to our car’s 21-mpg EPA city rating than to its 26-mpg freeway number. The 2012 all-wheel-drive SX gets a 1-mpg bump in its highway rating compared to the 2011 SX, thanks to the active eco setting.

The early loss of an automobile is never ever an advantage, and also we’re identified to keep this set around for 33,000 more miles. As before, snow tires will certainly be fitted before the Kia requires to wintry roadways. But this time, we could limit its northern exposure a little. Just in case.

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